Ethair does not sell cryptocurrencies, is not an exchange or a swap, does not offer wallet services, or any other crypto financial related services. Ethair is a retail marketplace for goods.

Next Generation Global

Buy and sell goods using fiat or cryptocurrency. Earn points on every purchase!

Coming November 2021

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Ethair Telegram Supported Countries
United States, Canada, more coming soon!

if you don't see your country on this list, you can still register, and rewards will be distributed into your Ethair account. You will not be able to access your account until your country is approved. The process and time for approval depends on each country's laws and regulations. We are working very hard on adding more countries as soon as possible, so check back often!

Early Registration Sign Up

Receive 100 ETHR Tokens ($31.22) for signing up! info

ETHR is a proprietary utility token that can only be used on the Ethair Market platform. Its value is tied to that of Bitcoin in a fixed proportion of 1 ETHR = 0.0000053350468828 BTC. It is currently not available for purchase from Ethair Market, nor from any exchange. It is not an investment token. ETHR allows holders to partake in platform perks like purchasing special items, receiving discounts, access to restricted sections, and voting on certain platform matters.

Sign up now, to claim your part of the reward pool

Reward pool will be available shortly after launch.

E-commerce meets blockchain

At ETHAIR, we partially utilize blockchain technology as a way to bring forth a marketplace that is for everybody, regardless of country or currency. We provide a safe environment for buyers to have a secure checkout, as well as offer flexible payment options for maximum transactional efficiencies.

Multiple selling formats

Multiple selling formats offer convenience and flexibility to both buyers and sellers. Sellers can run a timed Auction and set an optional reserve price, or list items in a Fixed Price format. Additionally, a "Make Offer" option can be enabled by sellers. Items can be listed in a single format, or any combination of formats.

Multi Currency

Multi-currency supported: Make purchases with either local currency or cryptocurrency

Multi Currency

Earn points on every purchase

Multi Currency

Quickly and effortlessly start a business

Multi Currency

Checkout using our secure cryptocurrency escrow account

Cheapest way to sell online

When you sell something using the ETHAIR marketplace, you can expect considerably lower fees. Not only do we keep our fees low, but we also give back to the community in the form of points which can be used on the platform.

Grow sales by reaching a new audience

Existing business owners will have a whole new audience to market toward. ETHAIR connects users from across the world, accepting multiple currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Earn Points

Each transaction on the marketplace earns points for both the buyer and seller. Users can apply points towards future purchases, use them to boost sales or pay for seller fees.

Ethair Overview
Start marketplace development
Expand developer team US / Canada / India
Open office in Chicago USA
Integrate cryptocurrency escrow payments
Develop advertising system for sellers
Develop and integrate a point reward incentive system for buyers and sellers
Build internal US sales tax system
2020 / 2021
Build referral reward program
Q2 2021
Landing page, pre-registration launch
Q2 2021
Q2 2021
Integrate NFT's into marketplace
Q3-Q4 2021
Expansion into warehouse services

ETHAIR, LLC does not own, nor is it affiliated, with any virtual currency (other than its own), or product you see here. ETHAIR, LLC is an independent company that offers consumers a virtual marketplace where they can purchase goods in a safe and secure environment. ETHAIR, LLC does not offer financial or investment advice and does not promote the sale or exchange of any particular virtual or fiat currency. You should consult your own independent financial and/or legal counsel when making a decision to use ETHAIR, LLC's product or services. ETHAIR, LLC disclaims any merchantability or fitness with respect to a particular product or virtual currency.