Ethair Market fees

Ethair Market was created with customers in mind, that is, keeping the fees as low as possible while offering a full marketplace experience. This allows sellers to succeed and increase their profit margins as well as allow for more competitive pricing. With no insertion fees, you may list as many items as you wish without the concern of paying fees on unsold goods. For every transaction Final Value Fees are no more than 8% (category dependent), and are capped to a maximum of $480 of the value of the item. From the Final Value Fees that we collect 25% are reimbursed back to the seller in the form of Points. Advertising has never been easier as you can enjoy various discounts just by holding ETHR tokens in your account allowing for up to 15% price reduction and unlocking advertisement spots that are ETHR exclusive. NFTs have a fixed fee rate of 2% at each sale, excluding any additional fees that may be imposed by the NFTs inbuilt royalties. Learn more below.

Category fees

Most categories charge an 8% Final Value Fee, 25% of the fees are reimbursed for the seller in form of points while 12.5% of the fees are reimbursed for the buyer in the form of points. The maximum fee for any category is $480. Learn more about Points.

Insertion fees (ZERO FEE)

We don’t charge insertion fees.

Final Value Fees

Fees are based on a percentage of the total cost of the item which includes the item price, shipping, and handling. Sales tax (also known as VAT) is not included in this calculation.

Value-added services

Value-added services allow boost your item visibility or help you automatically extend your listing time.

Font Highlight in Search

Increase visibility in search result page for $3.00

This option will make the font of your item name to be blue in color.

Highlight in Search

Highlight you item card in search result for $5.00

This option will add an orange outside frame to your item card.

Automatic items relist

Automatic items relist allows you to automatically relist an item whose listing has expired for an extended period of 7 days for $7.

Advertising fees

Advertising fees are based on multiple factors: Dates of advertisement, duration, and location on the homepage.

Points Packages

Points Packages allow the seller to purchase points that they can append to any listed item for sale in order to make it more desirable. Points Packages purchase has a fee of 10%.

Seller subscription

Seller monthly subscription fee costs $0.

Traditional Marketplaces Fees

Insertion Fees

Free - $20.00

Final Value Fee

$0.30 + up to 40%

Listing Upgrades

$0 - $10+

Reserve Price

$5 - $250

Advertising Fees

~ $0.81 per click

Seller Subscription


Ethair Marketplaces Fees

Insertion Fees


Final Value Fee

5.5%(4.4%) - 8% (6%)

Listing Upgrades

$3 - $7

Reserve Price


Advertising Fees

Varies / Per Day

Seller Subscription


Each transaction returns 2% back to seller in form of points

Advertising is purchased on a per day basis. The cost depends on many factors. To check current advertising cost, please visit "Advertising" section in page footer (sellers only)

Basic category fee list

This table will show you the basic fees for the items listed in most of the categories. The maximum fee for any category is $480. Don’t forget that the FVF has a 25% return rate for the seller and a 12.5% return rate for the buyer in the form of Points.


Final Value Fee

Most categories, including Domain Names, Antiques, Art

8% (6%)

Musical Instruments & Gear

5.5% (4.4%)

Heavy Equipment & Attachments

5.5% (4.4%)

The reduced FVF rate is based upon points return rate for the seller.

Stripe fees

Starts at

2.9% + 30¢

per successful card charge

Stripe lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets around the world. They support international cards, currency conversion, support for dozens of payment methods including ACH, 3D secure authentication.

Payouts: $0.25 per payout - Send funds to a user’s bank account or debit card.

Cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency escrow service fee 2%

There is no cryptocurrency withdrawal fee, however blockchain fees still apply. Blockchain fees are set by the cryptocurrency network and Ethair has no control over them.

After successful transaction sellers can withdraw funds from the escrow account. Optional bulk withdrawal option is available.

ETHR payment method

There are no payment gateway fees when paying with or accepting ETHR for products. ETHR has no fees associated with transactions as long as it is used within the platform. FVF fees still apply. Void where prohibited. When withdrawing ETHR to an external wallet blockchain fees apply.