How to Buy on ETHAIRHow to Buy on ETHAIR

Buy on Ethair

Ethair Market allows you to purchase items through various marketplace formats, “Get it Now” indicates that a listed item is available for direct purchase, keep in mind that this type of offer is only available under “Bid Offer Bid” section. However, if a bid is placed it will go through the auction process.

You can use different types of payments, from FIAT (credit card, bank account payment), Points rewarding system, or various cryptocurrencies from which Ethair’s ETHR Token brings you the biggest benefits.

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1. Find Your Item

After you have found your desired item, you should check if it's being sold at auction or you can purchase it directly. You can purchase items directly if the seller has listed them that way or if they have a "Get it Now" button. Another thing to immediately look at is which payment options the seller accepts.

2.1. Bidding

If you enter a bidding process, you will have to keep an eye on few things. Each auction has a time limit set by the seller which can last up to 30 days. You can input the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item and will get notified if you get outbid. If a seller has set a reserve price once the selected amount or higher has been offered, the price will automatically settle on that amount.

2.2. Add to Cart

A direct purchase allows you to immediately purchase an item from a selected seller without having to bid on an auction and potentially lose the desired item. By adding the item to the cart, you will be able to collect various items before the checkout and by pressing the checkout button you will be immediately led to the purchase page.

3. Checkout Phase

After you have won the bidding process or you have added items to your cart, you will reach the checkout page. Here you can either choose fiat or cryptocurrency payment as well as use your accumulated Points to earn yourself a discount.

4. Shipping

When the seller ships the item, you will get an email notification with the shipment tracking number. You can check the status of your items on the Orders page where you can contact the seller for additional inquires about the item and the shipping.

5. Feedback

Upon receiving your item, you must mark the item as Arrived. Additionally, if the item was paid for with cryptocurrency, you must release the funds to the seller. This allows the sellers to collect the funds from the escrow account. Leave feedback for the item and the seller to help the other buyers know the satisfaction level. If you stumble upon a problem with the item during the shipping process or at arrival, you can contact the seller or File a Claim on the Orders page.