How to Create a Storefront & ProfileHow to Create a Storefront & Profile

Create a Storefront & Profile

Before selling any items on Ethair Market, it is recommended that you create your store page. This page allows buyers to find your store upon searching and browsing the marketplace, visit the store with your items listed for sale, see your rating, follow you, contact you as well as see your store description and sort listed items per their liking depending on your setup categories.

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How to Sell on Ethair

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1. Create New Store

First things first, you should navigate to the header and select Manage Store button. You should be forwarded to a "Create New Store" page where you will fill in your Store’s title and informative description which will be displayed to the buyers that visit your store page. Note that Logo and Store billboard picture require exact picture dimensions. In order to be displayed in store list you need to at least upload your store logo. After that proceed to press "Preview" to see how your store will look, and then press the "Create Store" button. Don’t worry, you can edit everything later!

If you get redirected to a Store Manager page that means you’ve already created a store. Please refer to (2) "Edit an existing store".

Edit store

2. Edit Existing Store

To edit an existing store, navigate to the header and select "Manage Store" button. In Store Manager navigate to the Menu and select Brand Manager under Store Branding. From here you may edit your store’s title, description, logo, and billboard picture.

Setup selling profile

3. Setup Selling Profile

To setup the selling profile, navigate to the header menu and under "Sell" select Selling profile. Selling profile will be displayed to the buyers upon clicking on your profile where they will be able to see your profile picture, a short description, and an optional URL to your YouTube video.

4. Setup Payment Profiles

Before selling any items on Ethair Market, you will be required to setup Payment Profile. In order to accept payments for items sold every seller is required to on-board with Stripe, our chosen payment processing method. This requirement is mandatory even if seller want to accept crypto only. Stripe's verification process (KYC) ensure that only legitimate businesses and sellers register to sell on our platform, protecting both buyer and giving sellers a fair environment. To on-board with Stripe, navigate to Payment Profiles. and scroll down to Stripe section of the page. On this page, press the button to on-board with Stripe. Upon successful completion you will be redirected back to Ethair.

Manage store

5. Manage Your Store

To manage your store navigate to the header and select Manage Store button. On this page, you can track the statistics of your Sales Performance as well as quickly take action on pending items that need to be shipped, respond to unread messages or collect released funds by the buyers. Under the Manage menu, you may collect the email of your customers and newsletter subscribers which allows you to send them personalized emails for boosting your sales. In the Categories submenu you can create different Store Categories which will allow the buyers viewing your Store quickly sort per their desire. Promo Codes submenu will allow you to appeal to potential buyers by offering a discount on selected listing or Store categories. Settings submenu gives you the ability to hide certain listings from the main Store page. Inventory Sync submenu helps sellers keep track of the item’s stock across multiple platforms by updating the item availability and quantity from the selected .csv file.

Promote store

6. Promote Your Store

To reach a bigger audience for your store, you may consider promoting your store. To do so, visit the Store Manager and under Store Branding select Promotion Manager. In promotion manager, there are multiple options to advertise your store and listings. Premium Anchor Store will allow your store to be shown on all public store pages and the marketplace homepage. Featured Store Category will feature your store in a selected category in order to increase buyers awareness and potential sales in the targeted audience. Premium home page advertising boosts your sales by advertising on one of Ethair Market’s dedicated advertising spots on the homepage.