How to ReturnHow to Return

How to Return

Depending on the seller’s Return policy for the listing, you may request a return or a refund among the other options when dealing with an item problem, some of the steps listed below might not be available for you due to item’s Return Policy. Before purchasing an item check the listed “Return policy” in order to make sure it suits your preferences. Please follow the steps below to successfully resolve any issues you may encounter during and after the purchase phase.

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How to Buy on Ethair

1. Return / Replace Items

If the seller has enabled Returns listed in the "Return Policy" you may request one by visiting Purchases page and pressing "Return or replace items" button. This will allow you to open a request for a selected type of return with the seller depending on the Return policy for the said item.

2. Contact Seller

If you are unfortunately experiencing a problem with your purchase but you don’t have “Return or replace items” button visible due to Return Policy, contact the seller by visiting “ Purchases” and selecting Contact button. This will allow you to open a communication channel with the seller regarding the selected item. You should explain to the seller properly what the issue is with the purchase. During the return process, make sure to check a checkbox next to each item you would like to return.

3. Seller Accepts

Depending on the "Return policy" and discussion with the seller, you may get an Exchange, Credit, or a Moneyback return type of the purchase. Please keep in mind that cryptocurrency payments currently don’t accept refund sand you should only release the funds after you’ve received the item and you are satisfied with the purchased product.

Return Type : Moneyback

  • The buyer ships back the item and receives the refund. Currently not accepted with released cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency deposited to our escrow needs to be released by the buyer before the seller can collect.
  • Return Shipping fees - The buyer should check the listing details prior to return (preferably on purchase) in order to be certain who is liable for the return shipping fees.

4. Filling Claim

If you are unable to reach an agreement with the seller but believe that you deserve a return, replacement, or a refund of the item. Navigate to the Purchases page and press "File or view claim". This will allow you to open a dispute with the seller regarding the selected item. You should select a valid reason and describe the issue to the fullest. Once both parties have presented their case and resolution has not been reached, users can request Ethair Market staff to step in to investigate the claims and take further actions necessary depending on the situation.

5. Return Reason & Related Fees

Depending on the nature of the reason for return, users may face additional costs which will be deducted from the total sum they are to receive in the form of a refund. The most common fee is the shipping fee which is dependent on the seller's "Return policy" and reason for return from the table below.

Return Reason

Fee Return To Buyer

Accidental Order

Best Price Available

Performance / Quality Inadequate

Incompatible / Not Useful For Intended Purpose

Shipping Box / Envelope Isn't Damaged But The Item Is Damaged

Missing Parts / Accessories

Shipping Box / Envelope & Item Are Both Damaged

Different From What Was Ordered

Defective / Does Not Work Properly

Arrived In Addition To What Was Ordered

Unauthorized Purchase

Different From Website Description