How to Sell on ETHAIRHow to Sell on ETHAIR

Sell on Ethair

Ethair Market allows you to sell items through various marketplace formats, “Get it Now” indicates that a listed item is available for direct purchase, keep in mind that this type of offer is only available under “Bid Offer Bid” section. However, if a bid is placed it will go through the auction process. Sellers who own ETHR Token may enjoy various benefits, Learn More.

Before you begin with selling items, make sure you've completed steps in How to Create a Storefront & Profile.

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Points Accepted Cryptocurrencies ETHR Token

1. Sell Single Item

To sell a single item, you will have to select the listing category. You can do so by either typing a keyword or by navigating the Category menu. Please keep in mind we have over 27,000 categories.

Navigating at the header you will find a Manage Store Menu from where you can select Sell Single Item or perform a bulk upload of items by selecting Sell Items Via Upload.

2. Describe Your Item

After you’ve selected the desired category, you will be required to fill in the Title of the listing. Product ID is optional as well as Key product features, however, it is highly recommended that you fill in product features as these will be shown to the customers directly on the listing page. Fill in the description and add keyword tags to help buyers find the listing easier. Optionally, you may add a YouTube video that will describe the listing.

Add up to 12 professionally photographed images of your listing to create a Market listing. Detailed Item Information allows sellers to have advanced information about the item such as SKU, item rack location, and item part & model number.

3. Select Accepted Currencies

After you’ve selected the base currency you wish to sell this listing with, you may select to sell the listing with cryptocurrency. If you wish, you can checkmark to only sell this listing with cryptocurrency. When enabling cryptocurrencies payment select a desired cryptocurrency wallet address.

Before accepting cryptocurrencies, make sure you’ve properly Setup Your Cryptocurrency Wallet Addresses.

4. Selling Format

When listing an item for a sale, you may select two modes : "New" and "Used" depending on the item condition.

Market : When selecting new, you may sell the item under the Market option, which will allow you to sell the listing at MSRP with optional discount. This type of listing is generally used by retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

Buy Offer Bid : New or used. Selecting Buy Offer Bid will allow you to sell the item with 3 conditions:

  • Auction - Starting price and Reserve price.
  • Get it now - Offer instant purchase of the item.
  • Make Offer - Allows buyers to make an offer before the first bid.

5. Item Location & Shipping Location

Item location by default is automatically set to the seller’s address. The Item location needs to be manually updated by the seller if its address is different due to sales tax and shipping costs. You must specify the shipping destination(s) specifics: Shipping rates, offer only a local pickup or digital download. With shipping rates, you can specify which region the item ships to, as well as the shipping method and price of the shipping buyer will have to pay. Handling fees are up to the seller to decide, however it is recommended such duties are already included in the price of the listing.

6. Return & Refund Policy

By selecting the "Returns not accepted" buyer will not be able to return the item, however, our Terms & Conditions of product description apply and you may be subject to Ethair Market investigation.

If you have selected "Returns Accepted" you must specify the Return Date limitation as well as the return shipping payee and return conditions. Please keep in mind that due to local laws, you may be obliged to offer a return of the item within a certain timeframe.

7. Promote (Optional)

Assigning Points: By assigning additional Points to your listing you may increase the desirability of the item. 

  • Font Highlight in Search Result – For a $3 Fee, you may improve the listing visibility.
  • Item Box Highlight in the Search Result – For a $5 Fee, you may improve the listing visibility.
  • Auto Re-List – For a $7 Fee, your item will be automatically re-listed upon expiration for 7 additional days.

8. Sell Items Via Bulk Upload

(Coming Soon) With bulk upload, you are able to list multiple items in an instance by properly filling the .csv format document. To make sure your .csv is correctly filled, download the Sample and extensively read the Columns explanation.

9. Buyer Payment & Sending Item

Depending on your payment method preference buyer will have different time periods to deposit the required amount by our escrow service. When the buyer has deposited the amount required you will be notified by email and messages notification that you may ship the item. To check all the items that you have sold and are Pending Shipping or have other status go-to Manage Store Menu. For each item Pending Shipping you must assign shipment tracking code, which you may change later if required. Please keep in mind that if the item was sold in cryptocurrencies the buyer has to release the cryptocurrency funds before you may collect them.