Points (Not available at this time)

Points are Ethair's Market rewarding system which is given on every successful transaction based on FVF (Final Value Fee) collected from the sale and are received by both buyer and the seller. Points can be used on the platform or exchanged for Ethair Token cryptocurrency.

How Do I Earn Points?

Each successful transaction generates points that are distributed to both buyer and seller. Points become usable 15 days after the transaction has been finished and the grace period has passed. The amount of points which both parties receive is dependent on the FVF (final value fee) collected from the sale. Accumulated points are always rounded to the nearest whole number and cannot be fractional. Buyers receive 12.5% of the FVF collected value in points, and sellers receive 25% of the FVF collected value in points. Points have different functionality for buyers and sellers.

Can I Purchase Points?

Yes, points can be purchased (sellers only) in our Purchase Points menu where you can select your preferable Points Package. Purchased points from Points Package are not exchangeable for Ethair Token.

Points Functionalities

Points become available after the 15 day grace period after a finished transaction.

Functionality Description



Make Purchases With Points

Buyers can use the points collected in their accounts to pay for items in part or fully. Each 1 point has a $0.1 value.

Pay For Fees With Points

Sellers can use the points they have collected in their accounts to pay for certain fees (excludes FVF).

Add Additional Points To Items Listing

Sellers have the option of using the points they have collected to add to any other item for sale to increase the item’s desirability.

Instantly Add Points To The Item For A Fee

Don’t have any points? With an instant purchase from the Points Packages for a fee of 10% sellers can add additional points to the items they are selling to increase the item’s desirability.

Exchange Points For Ethair Token

Buyers and sellers have an option to exchange their Points with Crypto Exchange for Ethair Tokens. The points are exchanged at the current market value rate of the tokens +10% bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange my points for a currency?

No. Points are not exchangeable for any currency or a digital currency except for Ethair Token.

At what rate are points exchanged for ETHR Token?

Each point is worth $0.1 compared against the current market value rate of the ETHR Tokens. When you are using Mint ETHR you will be able to generate a conversion preview before executing the conversion. Minting ETHR gives you an additional 10% bonus in ETHR Tokens on every conversion.

Do points expire?

No, points do not expire.

I have canceled/refunded my order, what happens with the points?

If you haven’t used your points, they will be simply deducted from your balance. If your points balance is zero or lower value than the points given, your points balance will become negative.

I cannot find Points Packages.

The Purchase Points menu and its respective Points Packages are available from time to time. To get notified about their appearance, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I exchange ETHR Token for points?

No. Only points can be exchanged for Ethair Token, not vice versa.