Referral ProgramReferral Program

Referral Program

Ethair’s Referral Program allows you to invite new users and once they have signed up to the platform you will be rewarded with an additional ETHR referral bonus from the token reward pool at the end of each month.

Your Referral Link
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Share Your Link

To be eligible for Referral Program, users have to use your link on registration.

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Get Verified

To activate the user’s Referral status they have to make a purchase, recommend them something cool!

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After the user has been verified by our system, you will be rewarded from the reward pool at the end of the month with ETHR token.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Referral Program work?

You share your personal link with your friends and family and once they have registered by clicking your referral link they will be added to the number of users you have referred, pending verification process.

How do I become eligible for this program?

It is simple! You don’t have to perform any additional tasks, just copy your link, share it with your friends and family, and you are good to go!

When do I get rewards?

You get the rewards at the end of each month depending on the number of referred users you have. First month of referral distribution will be within end of the following quarter of launch, or sooner.

What type of rewards do I receive?

You receive ETHR Tokens deposited to your Ethair Market account at the end of each month.

Does every referred user count?

Only verified referred accounts count which means that the user has successfully performed a purchase on the platform.

What is the value of 1 ETHR Token?

The value of ETHR can be found here.